Thursday, October 21, 2010

ready for winter

I love Polish variable climat. Snow and hard frost in winter, sun and heat in summer, rain and sun in spring/autumn.
Temperatures from less than -10C to more than +30C. 

One city. Now:

Bearpaw (Eva) shoes, H&M simple gloves, H&M (Haka) fingerless gloves, Reserved scarf, Zara hat

And about 90 days ago:

Zara shoes, River Island scarf

I like Emu Hipper, but I didn't want to spend more than 100$ for something what could potentially stay (deep and forever) in my closet (after few times of wearing). So I was looking for something cheaper, just for testing.
And in TK Maxx I saw Bearpaw shoes. I've never heard about this company and I thought that it is poor qualitimitation of Emu/Ugg boots (Margot has Uggs). But in the Internet I found information that these shoes are made from the same materials as Uggs and Emu (suede and genuine Merino sheepskin lining).
I must to say that they have good quality and are really comfy. And I don't look funny in them, even my Mom admitted ;)


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