Sunday, February 28, 2010

ballet flats

Yesterday I found in Zara these leather ballet flats and bought it at 30% of the original purchase price. I was so happy. 
In River Island I couldn't resist buying sweet earrings.
On the picture you can also see Inglot nail enamel, the best I've ever had (stores here).
And yeah, I know that flowers are very popular now. But belive me - I wear them from 2002!

Zara ballet flats, River Island earrings, Mango bag, H&M flowers, H&M necklace, Inglot nail enamel

Friday, February 12, 2010

in the beginning...

... there was a smell :)

I believe, that smell is the most important thing in our look. It's like fingerprint. You can recognize someone with eyes closed, cause of extraordinary combination of our unique natural human smell and favourite fragrance.
It's an art to find our own way to be more attractive to others. To make only good impressions. Like smell of coffee. Smell of freshly cut grass. Smell of freesia flowers. Smell of rain on dry warm ground :)

For me there are many cosmetics with very good smell, but only three make my heart beat faster. Which smell like:

- love

- and desire