Thursday, December 30, 2010

iPod Touch apps

I went to other city for sale and came back with 2 bags, 1 hat and 1 angina :/
Bye bye party, welcome antibiotic, bed and pyjamas. I'll show you new things in next note, cause I have no strength to do photos.
And today - note about iPod Touch/iPhone apps - which I was going to put on blog before X-mas (but had no time to write few words).

My first ipod was iPod nano 2nd generation, which I bought in 2006 or 2007. I still use it. Very good stuff.
In 2009 I bought iPod Touch 3rd generation. I won't write about how gorgeous this ipod is, cause you can read about this on many portals. But I wanna present you my favourite apps:
  •  - WordWeb Dictionary (developer Antony Lewis) - very good and for free (!!!) British English dictionary (with American, Australasian, British and Canadian settings), which includes examples, synonyms, antonyms, similar words,
  •  - French Verbs 650 (developer Michael Quach) - funny and pretty application to learn French verbs,
  •  - Convert Units for Free (developer Thinking Drone) - very useful,
  •  - Architecture (developer Vincent Verweij) - although it's insufficient to visit one city (I prefer serious guidebooks), it's very good as a pocket database,
  •  - Body Fitness Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises (developer Ticklish Turtle) - very good app for those who exercise without own trainer,
  •  - Calorie Counter by ShapeUp Club (developer Sillens AB) - exhaustive food database, best calorie counter ever,
  •  - Zara Shop Online (developer Industria de Diseno),
  •  - Vogue Paris (developer Les Publications Conde Nast),
  •  - Facebook (developer Facebook),
  •  - Skype (developer Skype Software),
  •  - Palringo Instant Messenger (developer Palringo Limited) - platform which let you connect with messaging services (like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, etc.). Gadu-Gadu is there for free!!!
  •  - Grimm's Fairy Tales (developer Philip Huber) - I read their tales first time (two biiiiiiiig books) when I was 8 or 9 and from then - I adore it! This application contains more than 200 tales,
  •  - Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite (developer Red Hummer Software) - best of this kind application! I love to fall asleep hearing Rain On a Tarp,
  •  - Sleepmaker Rain Free (developer SoftwareX Ltd) - Gentle onto canvas puts me to sleep very fast,
  •  - Period Tracker Lite (developer GP International) - very very very useful,
  •  - How to draw (developer Mind the Kids!) - cute instruction how to draw a cat :)
  •  - Sudoku (developer Icenta) - great fun for hours,
  •  - Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (developer Chillingo) - one of the best games ever! 
  •  - The Eggs Lite (developer Maksym Grebenets) - when I was a child, I dreamed about this soviet game, but I never got it. who could predict that in the future there will be possibility to put this game on different gadget?
  •  - Smurfs' Village (developer Capcom Interactive) - last but not least, great game for people in every age. it took me many weeks to built my version of Smurfs' Village:

And I wish you all A Happy New Year! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

gold, silver & sparkle

My nail polish addiction can be described by words of great Oscar Wilde:
I can resist everything except temptation.
(yeap, I made trivial comparison)

From left Sephora's: Fusion, Rock, Blue sapphire (summer collection) and Body Sparkle Gel White Praline

This body oil-gel has nice smell, like vanilla cake ;D
(do you remember gold version?)

And Christmas spice cookies also are BIG temptation.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

today's activity

Time to send cards!
Traditional for family and funny for friends :)

Self invention (putting glittering X-mas trees inside cards):


latest shopping

I'm waiting for sale, but some shops already have lower prices (for part of assortment).
- Mango Miriam jeans (denim leggins) - very comfy and perfect with ballerinas (will wait for spring)
- Zara shoes - very long (and go-go :D), nice to serious dress (shining is from flash) 


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

so fuckin' cold!

Today outside: only -10 °C!

Now inside: hot cocoa, hot water bottle, nice blanket and magazines.
Good stuff for a girl for frosty evenings ;) 


Sunday, November 28, 2010


        1. Moschino I love love - it was perfect fragrance for spring/summer.
        2. Clinique Happy (for men) - yes, I smell like a man :]
        3. Gucci Rush - another bottle, must have for me, best fragrance ever.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

in memory of Freddie

Nineteen years...

The best male voice ever.

R.I.P. Freddie.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Across the Universe

Across the Universe is Julie Taymor's brilliant musical drama movie, with a lot of great scenes and very good arrangement of The Beatles' songs.

Please watch this 5 videos:


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

World Architecture Festival, Barcelona, 3-5 November 2010

Wanna show you very good piece of architecture - a finalist of this year's competition (category new and old) - Shopping Center Renoma in Wroclaw (link)

Renoma Department Store (at first called Wertheim) was built in 1930 by Wertheim Family, and was a part of large department store chain (Renoma is the last existing part).
The author of the project was german architect Hermann Dernburg. He designed seven-floor building in modernist style, with rounded edges and big windows.

Renoma - old part after revitalization (in XXI century)

Renoma - old part before WWII - photo from link

Facade with ceramic cornices, head sculptures, fleurons and 22 flagpoles (on 6th floor) was very decorative.

But history wasn't gentle for Wertheim Family. In 1937 nazi's took company (and gave it to AWAG). 
In March 1945 building was shelled (as whole city) and stood in flames during a few days.

Renoma - old part after WWII - photo from link

Rebuilding took many years - ground floor was returned to use in 1948, 1st floor in 1953 - but 5th and 6th floor till in 1985.

In XXI century it become obvious that Renoma is no more functional and owner decided to expand building.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Polish Golden Autumn

It was false sign. Polish Golden Autumn is still here (like Joaquin ;D).
Below all colors of yellow.

All pictures taken in city center of Wroclaw.