Saturday, August 28, 2010

peacock eye

Peacock eye was quite popular last year's trend in fashion.
But even beautiful clothes are only poor imitation of beauty of the nature:

(pictures taken in zoo in Wroclaw)

Nature is so amazing!

More serious outfit:

Zara sweater, Zara clutch bag, River Island earrings, Bershka bracelet, Zara shoes, Mustang jeans

And less serious:

Mango top, Stradivarius open carigan, Zara clutch bag, Zara shoes, Mustang jeans


Friday, August 20, 2010


Today I had unexpected journey and pretty day in the country.
One young dog, four kittens and one cat to play with.
And great weather, gorgeous big garden, red wine,
redcurrants & grapes picked from bushes.
Unfortunately I didn't have camera with me :/

But I wanna introduce you other cat. Meet Gunganin:


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox is on the cover of September issue of In Style magazine (Poland).
I think that now she looks a lot better than she did 20 years ago. She is a very attractive woman. 
(and she is prettier than on this photo which is a bit too much photoshopped).
I love her sitcom Cougar Town and I can hardly wait to see a new season.

This issue is with a W.Kruk bracelet (about this jewellery company here), but I'll wait for my Lilou.

And here one of the funniest episodes:


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

which RAL / NCS are you?

The RAL Color System and the NCS Natural Color System are two very popular systems used to match colours
(veruseful for advertisers, designers, architects and other users).
For me it's cool plaything - I like mixing colours and finding out new ideas. It's very inspiring.

I love intensive colours and it happened few times that Margot said: Gosh you look like a parrot! 
So I try to remember that - less is more - even in colours.

My absolutely favourite colour is red, especially:
RAL 3020, RAL 3024, NCS S 1080-R, NCS S 1580-Y90R and NCS S 1580-R.
Yes, I know! :D But it's important to me.

And you, which RAL / NCS are you?

Zara shoes, MNG jeans

Pull&Bear T-shirt (with flash and without)

Friday, August 06, 2010

my place

When you live in one place for 11 years, you can really forget why you made that choice about staying there.
But last week, when my younger sister Margot came to Wroclaw (link) for few days, I remembered. 
We spent all the time visiting historic buildings, museums, beautiful places.
And ofc we danced, ate great food, drank on Slodowa Island ;)
I Wroclove!
The Market Square - one of the largest markets in Europe (208 x 173 m)

Both pictures taken from terrace on the tower of the church Under the Call of Saint Elizabeth (link)
- more than 300 steps to climb. Ufffff...

In Ossolineum (Tenement Under the Gold Sun) we saw exhibition (link) of prizes received by Andrzej Wajda.

Till 31. August 2010 you have chance to see Oscar live.
And try how it looks like with your hand (on the glass) ;)

We took about 500 photos, but I show you only few of them (my favourites).

the Statue of John Nepomucen (link)

Weathercock on the Collegiate of Saint Cross Church (link) - the church with two levels.
(unfortunately I've never been there inside - on any level)

      Main entrance to Archsee (link)
On the left side is lion figure (you can see part of it) and on the right side - eagle figure.
There is nice legend about it:
if a lonely woman wants to get to know her future beloved, she should touch the lion, 
while the lonely man should do the other way round.

... and talking about love...
...the Tumski Bridge (link) - first love bridge in Wroclaw :)