Friday, September 30, 2011


my job and my "schools" are gonna kill me. just wanna fly away.

(unfortunately it's not me. some stranger on the blue sky)

I know that there are better sadness killers, but as my Grandpa used to saying
when you haven't what you like, then you like what you've got
so, for better mood:

- shopping

all what you see (Sephora's sugar coated nail polish)

- and eating

B-day cheese cake with strawberries, and best tea ever - unsweetened Lipton Citrus

never told ya - I love to cook, especially for people I love.

green pepper filled with rice and vegetables (this time I prepared vegetarian version): 
1. cook rice and mix it with curcuma (very healthy spice).
2. fry onion and tomatoes with vegetable fat.
3. mix both, season it with salt, pepper and all what you like.
4. hollow green (or red) pepper and put rice inside.
5. on the top you can put pieces of tomatoes - rice will not dry in oven.
6. set high temperature (about 150 degrees Celsius) and keep your pepper in oven till it will look like that:
it's great recipe, cause you can use what you like. minced meat (need to be longer in oven), green bean, green peas, carrots, bacon, chicken breast, pineapple, buckwheat, and maaany other things.

and it taste really good with beer. 
this one (unpasteurized) is made in Łomża (Poland) 
and my beloved Grandma comes from near Łomża (she moved after WWII).

Łomża - small brewery with big beer :)

and look - stray ray of light just made dispersion - directly on my mac:

association - have you seen K-PAX?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011