Thursday, December 30, 2010

iPod Touch apps

I went to other city for sale and came back with 2 bags, 1 hat and 1 angina :/
Bye bye party, welcome antibiotic, bed and pyjamas. I'll show you new things in next note, cause I have no strength to do photos.
And today - note about iPod Touch/iPhone apps - which I was going to put on blog before X-mas (but had no time to write few words).

My first ipod was iPod nano 2nd generation, which I bought in 2006 or 2007. I still use it. Very good stuff.
In 2009 I bought iPod Touch 3rd generation. I won't write about how gorgeous this ipod is, cause you can read about this on many portals. But I wanna present you my favourite apps:
  •  - WordWeb Dictionary (developer Antony Lewis) - very good and for free (!!!) British English dictionary (with American, Australasian, British and Canadian settings), which includes examples, synonyms, antonyms, similar words,
  •  - French Verbs 650 (developer Michael Quach) - funny and pretty application to learn French verbs,
  •  - Convert Units for Free (developer Thinking Drone) - very useful,
  •  - Architecture (developer Vincent Verweij) - although it's insufficient to visit one city (I prefer serious guidebooks), it's very good as a pocket database,
  •  - Body Fitness Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises (developer Ticklish Turtle) - very good app for those who exercise without own trainer,
  •  - Calorie Counter by ShapeUp Club (developer Sillens AB) - exhaustive food database, best calorie counter ever,
  •  - Zara Shop Online (developer Industria de Diseno),
  •  - Vogue Paris (developer Les Publications Conde Nast),
  •  - Facebook (developer Facebook),
  •  - Skype (developer Skype Software),
  •  - Palringo Instant Messenger (developer Palringo Limited) - platform which let you connect with messaging services (like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, etc.). Gadu-Gadu is there for free!!!
  •  - Grimm's Fairy Tales (developer Philip Huber) - I read their tales first time (two biiiiiiiig books) when I was 8 or 9 and from then - I adore it! This application contains more than 200 tales,
  •  - Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite (developer Red Hummer Software) - best of this kind application! I love to fall asleep hearing Rain On a Tarp,
  •  - Sleepmaker Rain Free (developer SoftwareX Ltd) - Gentle onto canvas puts me to sleep very fast,
  •  - Period Tracker Lite (developer GP International) - very very very useful,
  •  - How to draw (developer Mind the Kids!) - cute instruction how to draw a cat :)
  •  - Sudoku (developer Icenta) - great fun for hours,
  •  - Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (developer Chillingo) - one of the best games ever! 
  •  - The Eggs Lite (developer Maksym Grebenets) - when I was a child, I dreamed about this soviet game, but I never got it. who could predict that in the future there will be possibility to put this game on different gadget?
  •  - Smurfs' Village (developer Capcom Interactive) - last but not least, great game for people in every age. it took me many weeks to built my version of Smurfs' Village:

And I wish you all A Happy New Year! 

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